Our Clients

Majestic Lighting Design Houston & San Antonio

We have managed the Google Maps, Social Media, Custom Video Creation and Custom Graphics for Majestic Lighting Design for many many years.  We have dominated Houston and San Antonio for this company, and created amazing videos and content that drives calls and clients to this business.  Majestic Lighting Design originally only operated in Houston and did about $150,000 in sales.  Since we took over we expanded their reach to San Antonio and they are in line to do over $500,000 this year.  We started by completely dominating Google Maps in Houston and Expanded from there. One of the things we worked on for Majestic was redesigning the website to attract higher paying clients.  They were selling an average of $3,000 jobs.  Once we redesigned the brand, the average job went up to $6,000 and they started getting many more calls from commercial projects, and HOA’s.  

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Freddy Mendoza Politician County Commissioner Precinct 1 San Antonio

We represented Freddy Mendoza for Social Media and paid adds.  We had custom videos made for Freddy, and created powerful postings, and managed his rankings, and helping to get him elected.  We came to events, took images, made videos, did custom publishing and networking for Mr. Mendoza. We started by doing custom photo and video shoots, including interviews and family.  We then began customizing his message to the public in carefully crafted content meant to inspire, and attract the voters he needed. 

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MultiGen Mindset

We built this brand from the bottom up, from custom videos, to logo, to branding, color schemes and all.  This is one of our flagship brands we love to showcase as the epitimy of our skill in graphic design, brand flow and custom professional branding.  We are building programs for MultiGen Mindset from educational programs, mastermind programs, E-Books, and online store and more.

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Deseere' Cruz

We manage events, Social Media, Publications, Daily Posts Custom Writing, Brand Configurations and more for the Deseere’ Cruz Brand.  This is a perfect example of what are skillsets showccase as far as “PUBLIC FIGURE” is concerned.  Over this past month alone, we increased her visability by over 5,000%. We have hugely increased her brand, awareness, presence, and outreach.  We are also putting her E-Book online, as well as meditations, rebuilding her website, and more. 
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